7 ways to gain the most from our singles dinners

By Margaret, 23 September, 2019.
People who gain the most out of our A Table for Six singles dinners seem to have a few things in common. In short they have a positive attitude and a warm, friendly personality. We congratulate our members for being dedicated to having fun and enjoying the good life with new friends.

1. They turn up with the expectation of meeting some interesting singles and making some new connections.

2. They don’t put too many expectations or have a preset idea of how everything will be in order for them to be happy and enjoy the evening.

3. They check to make sure they are presenting themselves in their best light. Good grooming and wearing flattering clothes show that you have a respect for yourselves and the people you are meeting.

4. They ensure that they have a conversation with everyone at the table. They show interest in each of the other diners and ask appropriate questions about them without being too intrusive or asking very personal questions.

5. They request contact details of members they met and would like to follow up with to meet again.

6. When a member requests their contact details to meet again and they enjoyed talking to them, they are open to talking to them again. Even if you don’t think there is potential for romance. You  have probably only spoken to them for a relatively short time, so don’t be willing to discard them without having another opportunity to meet them. Remember single people have single friends and their best mate/friend may be perfect for you.

7. They are courteous with all of their communications with A Table for Six and with their fellow members at our dinners and in any follow up communications with other members.

So come along ready to have a good night out and meet our amazing members. It could be the start of a special friendship or it could be the start of something more.

Be warm and friendly this week,
Margaret Newitt



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