How to make Xmas the best time for being single

By Margaret, 12 December, 2013.
Christmas and the time leading up to it tends to put us in a more reflective frame  of mind. Any issues in our relationships, whether in our romantic relationships (or lack of), family situations, situations with in -laws,  seem to be felt more keenly.

I am creating my very own Pin! My mini Christmas Photo Shoot this past weekend with my love :) Totally Pinterest material ;)

Everywhere we hear that it is the season to be jolly, but Christmas can be the most painful time of year. Very few people have the perfect scenario of family and relationships that we see on TV.

The prompt of feeling less than happy with your situation and doing some internal housekeeping can be very helpful and healthy! Look for things to celebrate about the festive season and be grateful for them. Then take charge of how you spend your time and with whom over the festive season.

As with everything in your life, it's how you look at it. Christmas can bring new opportunities. Don't say no to any parties or events. Go along with no expectations on meeting anyone. The more you socialise, you may have a pleasant surprise. Take along your positive attitude and most importantly your smile.

This time next year you could be looking back and remembering how you met someone very special.

Have a wonderful and safe Christmas and a great New Year. May you find time to rest and renew your batteries before it starts all over again.



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