Do men find it harder in today's dating world?

By Margaret, 11 September, 2022.

Do men find it harder in today's dating world?

In an article in the New York post, men and women who use  online dating apps have some interesting things to report.

There are plenty of fish in the sea - unless you are a man, that is.

User Jeremy Cryer tells us that it's much harder for men to find suitable matches on dating apps than women. He says men have to wait weeks to get any likes. Or if they send a like, for them to accept it.

Another woman said "I sat with a guy friend and we did a 5 minute bumble swipe where we had to swipe on everyone."  "I got 55 matches and he got 2. It's pretty rough on guys."

Plenty of women responded by reminding Cryer that on dating apps although the quantity of matches and responses are there, it doesn't necessarily mean quality.

One female user said "From those 55 guys, only 2 are good.

"How many actually engage though? asked another Woman. " I get a lot too but they never engage and disappear."

Other articles claim that dating apps have three men to every woman.

At our dinners, we always aim to have equal men and women. We always focus on have 3 men and 3 women. However, sometimes, it could end up being 2 men and 2 women or 4 men and 4 women. It's all about enjoying the interaction and being interested in the people you are meeting. That's been the winning formula for people who have gained the most out of our dinners.

We love to help men and women to meet genuine singles who are happy to show up and contribute to a fun evening at dinner. You know that you will be meeting people and engaging face to face in a safe, relaxed environment.

We're here to lend a helping hand to each and everyone of our wonderful members.

Contact us at A Table for Six to take a step in the right direction to meet other singles looking for genuine friendships and genuine relationships.

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