Are you the mystery man?

By Margaret, 20 February, 2017.
Are you the mystery man?

Want to know one of the things that makes women shy away from you?

They feel as though you are talking about yourself too much! I know that you are probably thinking "That's crazy. Women never stop talking." But there is a difference. Women tend to dramatise, ramble and complain etc. However, the subjects they talk about and share too much of, tend to be their jobs, relationships and other people. That's when men tune out.

It is better to be "interested" than "interesting"
On the other hand, men tend to talk about themselves and this causes women to tune out. When you feel the need to be witty, and captivating, remember it is better to be "interested" than "interesting'.

[caption id="attachment_2277" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Are you the mystery man? Are you the mystery man?[/caption]

The ideal conversation is an equal exchange by both parties with conversation bouncing back and forth. If you go overboard trying to entertain a woman, it usually shows up as insecurity. Don't try too hard to be the life of the party. It is a sign of attention seeking.

Ask questions and listen more than you talk
Better to take on the role of the investigator. Ask questions and listen more than you talk and try to find out as much as possible about her. Nothing too intrusive to start with. Remember that some people are touchy about disclosing  information about themselves. Ask questions like "Where were you born?" and "Where did you go to school?" After a few dates, you can ask about more personal subjects like religion, family situations and past relationships. You could also then touch on short and long term goals.

Women are intrigued by a mysterious man
Don't tell her everything about yourself too soon. Keep a little mystery about yourself. If she asks a question, answer, but not tool much information. Keep some things to tell her later. Then ask her another question. Only disclose information about yourself little by little. Focus on getting to know her first. Women are intrigued by a mysterious man and will be more interested in you in the long term if they have to probe to find out about you.

Remember to stop talking about yourself, ask open ended questions to encourage her to talk about herself and Listen. You will have an advantage on the competition and your relationship will be off to a good start.

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