Are you timid, confident or aggressive?

By Margaret, 21 May, 2012.
The way you communicate with others has a huge effect on your relationships. Especially when single and meeting new people. When you attend a dinner, people will be meeting you and subconsciously making decisions about you. They will be noticing things such as your posture, your voice and the way you make eye contact.

Successful woman become that way because they have worked hard and been responsible for making things happen in their working life. They've taken on challenges and risen to the task. But in their social life, a corporate or strong manner may be unappealing to some men. Their manner may be seen as aggressive. It's not a matter of dumbing down. It's having a manner that would allow a man to feel as though he could be the male and protective of his lady.

Men with a lack of confidence or the awareness of how they are presenting themselves may appear to be timid or aggressive. Neither of these approaches is usually successful in attracting a healthy relationship with a lady. But, there is something very inviting and enjoyable about meeting a man who is confident in himself, but not aggressive.

Below are some tips on determining if you are being timid, confident or aggressive. They refer to women, but apply to men as well. They are from Rachel Green who has 2 websites with a lot of valuable information on self-confidence for men and women. and

Are you timid, confident or aggressive? Check out these tips to find out.

Tip 1: Timid, confident or aggressive: Your voice.

A timid person may speak with a quiet voice, which may be breathy.

A confident woman will usually have a clear, easy to hear voice.

An aggressive voice is more likely to have a harsh, tight sound to it, and may be unpleasant to listen to for any length of time.

Tip 2: Timid, confident or aggressive: Your eyes.

A woman who is timid may drop her eyes and avoid eye contact.

A confident woman is more likely to have direct eye contact, but maintain this softly without staring.

An aggressive eye contact is often hard, fixed or staring. A glare can be quite aggressive too.

Tip 3: Timid, confident or aggressive: Your chest.

When a woman is timid she may sink in her chest or collapse it. She may appear weak, soft or fragile.

If a woman is confident she is more likely to be open, upright and have width across her chest. However, she will maintain this position in a relaxed, comfortable way.

A woman who has aggressive body language may also have an open upright chest but it is tight. Tension in the body is typical of aggressive behaviour.

Margaret Newitt