Ask when you meet someone appealing

By Margaret, 22 March, 2012.
"No" is just a word. It doesn't mean anything else about you!

If you asked someone for a contact to catch up again and they said "No," don't make it mean anything about you. There are many reasons why they may have declined. Most often it is because of something in their life. Perhaps they lack the self-confidence to put themselves in a position where they could become vulnerable. By vulnerable I mean letting someone close to them. Their ex-partner may have come back into the scene. Or they may be still healing from a past relationship.

The important thing is that you remain optimistic and open to possibility. I'd like to extend an invitation to you to ask more often when you meet someone appealing. 100% of the people you don't ask will not say "Yes." So ask, and if they say "No," it doesn't mean anything about you.

Remember that we will do the asking for you as part of our personal service to you. When we send our request for feedback, just let us know who you would like to see again and we will follow up for you.

Margaret Newitt