Criteria for dating..what you should and shouldn't hold on to

By Margaret, 06 January, 2021.

Criteria for dating..what you should and shouldn't hold on to

Do you have a friend who lets you know when you are falling into your
old patterns of behaviour that haven't served you well? If you do, you are very fortunate.

"Have you taken time to find a career that makes you happy?"

OR "Why are you saying yes to seeing that person again
when you know it isn't going anywhere?"

Your friend continually tries to keep you on your best path. It's
not an easy job and you don't always thank them. You don't want to hear
about it when you slip back into old ways. Maybe that relationship that you are holding on to is as comfortable as a
pair of old shoes. BUT things really aren't ok. Your friend continues to
find ways to help you change your ways (with compassion), but it isn't
easy and you resist.

That's kind of how it is for us. We are always finding new ways to
break through to our members. Encouraging them to look at meeting a
partner in a different way. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don't.
Some people want to get a different result, but they don't want to
change the way they are approaching meeting a partner.

They only want to meet people who meet certain criteria. As I have
covered in previous newsletters, there are certain criteria that you
should hold fast on. Such as honesty and integrity.

But many things should be optional. Have an open
mind and a willingness to be adventurous.

The most important thing is to put yourself in situations where you
will meet singles of all kinds and do something you enjoy along the way.

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