Do not expect to just take and hold, Give friendship back, it is pure gold.

By Margaret, 06 May, 2020.
With the good news about new Coronavirus  infections lately, hopefully we will be back to enjoying our dinners before too long.  I miss all of you and look forward to being able to make a difference in your lives again soon.

I have to be honest I have been on Facebook more in the last few weeks. I'm not proud of it. But it is one way to stay connected to the world outside our homes.

Apart from the quizzes, where people  give all their personal information to Facebook (which, by the way is not a smart thing to do), there are two different attitudes appearing  when it comes to dealing with the lock down.

The first group are dealing with the lock down in this way -

Just survive the lock down in whatever way you can. Stay calm, eat chocolate and watch Netflix every day if needed. Do whatever helps you get through the day. Surviving is the goal.

The second group are dealing with it in a totally different way -

Even though this was unexpected and horrible, see this as an opportunity to do something different and amazing. Is there something you have always wanted to do? This is the perfect time. Don't waste this wonderful opportunity.

I'm sure you can guess which group I'm in. I'm in the second one. Even though it took me a little while to get to this understanding.

I understand if you are in the first group. Everyone's circumstances are different. Financial pressures, emotional turmoils, loneliness and family circumstances have an enormous effect on our well being. If you are dealing with any of these or others, please look after yourselves in the best way you can.

But the truth is that while you are just getting by, others are relishing this experience. They are using the time to learn a new skill or to get fit, or improve their relationships with their friends and family (remotely).

I'm sure that most of us have learned a lot about ourselves and our relationships. Many of us have learned to value our partners, friends and relatives since we haven't been able to enjoy their company. Others may have learned they can be happy in their own company.

I love this short poem by Gillian Jones. It talks about the importance of friendships and how it is priceless. And more importantly, to have good friends, we must be good friends.

A Friend

A person who will listen and not condemn
Someone on whom you can depend
They will not flee when bad times are here
Instead they will be there to lend an ear
They will think of ways to make you smile
So you can be happy for a while
When times are good and happy there after
They will be there to share the laughter
Do not forget your friends at all
For they pick you up when you fall
Do not expect to just take and hold
Give friendship back, it is pure gold.


Margaret Newitt
A Table for Six
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