Do we still enjoy courting?

By Margaret, 25 February, 2016.
We have enjoyed courting from the beginning of time. But today there can be a general lack of trust and appreciation. Maybe this is caused by being hurt too many times.

A young man giving bunch of red roses to his girlfriend while closing her eyes

The courtship guidelines have become blurred. Men love to court ladies by calling for the date and holding the door open. But when ladies are aggressive, men can feel confused about their role. Ladies have become self sufficient and know how to take care of themselves. But in the dating world, they may not even realise they are not letting the man court them. So ladies put on your prettiest dress and leave the corporate look and persona for your work life.

I believe that men still instinctively try to court. If the appreciation is there it will flourish. But he will lose his desire to court if he doesn’t feel like he can do special things for his lady or they aren’t appreciated.

Why can’t we court each other? It’s the little things that count like opening a door or helping with a jacket.

Our small group dinners allow singles to meet face to face and notice important things like body language. Conversation can be free flowing and natural. How can you build a relationship on a phone or computer? We need to remember how to interact face to face.

Let’s hope courting never dies. It is exciting and that feeling of wondering if he/she is the one.

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