Everyone is unique & different - embrace it

By Margaret, 24 January, 2015.
A little maturity is a good thing because hopefully we have gained some wisdom and learned from life experiences. Like most of us, I wish I could go back and tell my younger self that there is nothing wrong with the way I am and it's ok if some people don't like me or "get me".

Today, in my business life, I believe that A Table for Six provides a service that can help all singles improve their social lives, meet new friends or a partner. But I have learned that not everyone will be a good fit for our dinners, may not see the value in them, or it could just be a matter of not being the right timing for them. Understanding this makes it easier to wish them well and invite them to contact us again if or when they are ready.

In our personal lives, seeking the approval of others can become a top priority. We can all relate at least a little to the desire to be well-liked. Most of us want to feel accepted, respected, and appreciated.

I've learned it's actually a good sign if there are some people who don't accept or agree with me. It's not ok to be rude, inconsiderate or disrespectful. It's about releasing our stress about other people's opinions.

Once we are comfortable not being liked by everyone, it allows us to be true to ourselves. It also gives us the power to say no. Though people are basically good at heart, it is human nature to test other people's boundaries. When you're willing to risk being disliked, you're able to say no when you need to. Your yeses and nos shape your future, so chose them wisely.

It teaches us to be kind and compassionate without having any expectations from others. It's easy to offer compassion to someone who treats you with respect and kindness. It can be much more difficult to do and say what you know is right when people strongly oppose your views.

Trying to be liked by everyone will have you spreading yourself very thin by trying to keep them all happy. It is much better to spend our time enriching our own and other's lives  instead of constantly worrying about other's perceptions.

If you really want to be liked, then stop trying to be liked and start being you. Surround yourself with people who love and support you. They enjoy you most when you are being you and doing what you do best. Appreciate them and give them lots of love. Around them, you'll feel a warm, fuzzy sense of belonging.

"What other people think of you is not our business. If you start to make that business your business, you will be offended for the rest of your life." Deepak Chopra


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