Great outcomes from our dinners

By Margaret, 06 September, 2012.

This week I decided to call one of our male members who wasn't responding to invitations to dinner. I asked if he was dating, or just too busy to go to dinner. He replied that he is happily dating a lovely lady. I have learned to ask if they met at one of our dinners, as often this isn't mentioned. "No" was his reply. "I met her through someone I met at a dinner."

That's a great outcome! Attending our dinners has many different outcomes.

Here's another feedback received this week..

Hi Margaret,
Aside from my initial nerves , I have to say I really had an awesome 'event' experience , owing to the gregarious natures of my dining 'friends'!!!

I loved the Restaurant, having lived here for a long while, it was my first time  there, I can't believe it has escaped me !!
I would rate the Restaurant a sound 8 /10.

As of my overall  enjoyment of my dining experience with these 4 eclectic people , I found it exhilarating to say the least.
I would rate my experience a sound 9 /10.

I found everyone quite lovely , X was very nice ,( I would consider seeing him again !!)

On the night though, my stand out person at the table was Y... Now he really caught my eye !! and he was SO nice and stayed with me until my lift arrived ...wasn't that cute ?
So if he wanted to get in touch ......I'd be happy to hear from him. :) :)

A and B were both wonderful too , especially A she was a really nice person , it would be great to catch up with her for a cuppa one day .

Thank you for my first dining experience with A Table For Six!
Regards (name withheld).