Have You Been Looking For The Wrong Partner?

By Margaret, 10 January, 2021.

Have You Been Looking For The Wrong Partner?

Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner put you on a pedestal?

They never stopped letting you know how perfect you are. They told you they loved you after the 3rd date. They introduced you to their friends as their girlfriend/boyfriend  far too soon.

But, as much as you would have liked it to work out, it just made you feel uncomfortable. Maybe you felt like a fraud and they would find out that you're not so perfect.
 Most likely, it's because you know deep down that it's not healthy or realistic when your partner thinks you can do no wrong.

In most successful relationships I know of, both partners know that the other has certain weaknesses. And, not only are they acknowledged, they are often what makes them so charming.

But here is the most important thing about being in a relationship where you see each other as you really are- you don't have to do anything else but BE YOURSELF.
 In this type of relationship, your partner can think that you are too vane, forgetful, disorganised and fussy, but you know they won't think of leaving. Because the relationship is based on being realistic.

So, if you have been looking for a partner who never annoys you and never does anything wrong, and only says flattering things about you....YOU'RE LOOKING FOR THE WRONG PERSON.

Where can you find a partner who can own their flaws and tease you about yours? Someone who might have wondering eyes occasionally. They might even forget a special day. But, someone who loves you for exactly who you are?

Your next partner is out there right now waiting to meet you. They are most likely not going to be at the first dinner you attend. In fact, you could attend 10 dinners or more before you meet them. It's important to read some dating advice, but you have to be out there meeting people.
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