Ladies, This Is How We Differ To Men

By Margaret, 28 September, 2022.

Compared to men, women overthink everything.

Being a woman myself, I realise we do this, but what I didn't realise is how different the genders are. Men don't obsess about every little word that comes out of our mouth. They don't think the worst or need to have a heart to heart over nothing. In my conversations with ladies, I often hear their concerns like "He works away on business a lot." "He still talks a lot with his ex." (She is the mother of his children.) "He doesn't like going to the theatre." (Go with your girlfriends.)

Men are not thinking about every little thing that could be a problem in a relationship. The best way to behave is to believe in yourself instead of living in fear that every little thing is a sign that things wouldn't work out. Because men are thinking how awesome it could be!

As promised here are the first 3 of our dating tips for women...

  • Have fun and smile. It's the most important thing you can do for yourself and anyone you are with. And it's a very attractive quality for men. If you're smiling he knows you are enjoying his company and that makes him feel good.

  • Confidence counts. Research shows over and again the importance of feeling good about yourself in the dating world. If you think you need some brushing up on any skills, you can build confidence by working on them. You may find that when you are nervous you talk too much and need to concentrate on listening and not interrupting. Or you may be a bit shy and could concentrate on better communication and asking more questions.

  • Feel attractive. Men like feminine women and are very visual people. Rather than dressing too conservatively or overly sexual, the best choice of outfit is more "feminine and fun". Exposing too much will not necessarily make him interested. If you make the effort to look pretty, men will notice and appreciate it. Taking some advise on the best colours and styles that suit your colouring and shape could be very beneficial.

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