Like to catch up? It’s a big ask

By Margaret, 25 May, 2019.
Like to catch up? It’s a big ask

Have you ever been asked out for a meal or a drink and found yourself having a dialogue in your head about what could happen if you say yes? Would they fit in with my friends? Will they really “get” me? Would they make a good mother/father?

Oops, I think we’re a bit ahead of ourselves here. We are almost asking them to validate our very existence. Like to catch up? It’s a big ask.

Sometimes it’s all tied up in other things. What most of us haven’t learned is not to make it mean anymore than it is.

It’s fun when you keep it simple. Life is a contact sport. If you are asked to catch-up with someone again, say yes to a drink or a quick meeting.

Here’s a quote I read this week-“If you think a person is boring, you don’t know them well enough.”

have fun this week…

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Margaret Newitt