New Years Resolutions for Dating in 2024

By Margaret, 29 December, 2023.

Our members meet wonderful new friends and fall in love at A Table for Six dinners every week.

We've left 2023 behind. Some of our members won't be returning to dinners this year. They met a special someone at our dinners. Someone they love to spend time with.

YOU are needed to meet the new members who have joined.

The singles you meet at our dinners appreciate how you take the time to look great, show up on time and show interest in them. The secret has got around that to meet the best presented, intelligent and genuine singles, A Table for Six dinners is the place to go.

The New Year is the perfect time to commit to meeting new exciting people and expanding your interests and social life. Get started at a dinner as soon as 6th January.

1.Be Proactive

Seize every opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and look for an avenue where you'll meet Genuine Like minded Singles. Step Up and attend functions as a Single - You'll be surprised at how good you'll feel.

2.Have Fun

Make time for yourself and engage in activities you enjoy to make New Friendships and focus on New Relationships.

3.Be Open

Resolve to say “Yes!”  to different social engagements and situations that may come up, take advantage of Invitations to meeting and developing new and different friendships.

4. Make Changes

Be optimistic and your positive energy will draw people towards you. A new Haircut, a New Outlook, bring in new and exciting people to meet The New You.

5.Let Go

Give yourself a 'Fresh Start' and look towards the future, let go of the past, say goodbye to negative beliefs - you control your thoughts - bring only positive ones in.

6.Don't Quit

People fall in love every day.  Meeting new and exciting singles will increase your chance of meeting that special someone.

7.Be Yourself

There's nobody else like you so let the True You shine through. Enjoy being single - It doesn't last for long.

The important thing is to stay open-minded and remember that the best way to find love is by being yourself and enjoying the process!

Contact us at A Table for Six to take a step in the right direction to meet other singles looking for genuine friendships and genuine relationships.

Margaret Newitt
Mob: 0420 945 954

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