Pros and Cons

By Margaret, 13 November, 2020.

The Pros and Cons of Dinner Dating

Want an honest appraisal of Group Dinner Dating?

This article is my effort to provide an objective source of information about dinner dating - the table for Six, dinner for six, dinner for eight concept.

The approach is simple. I list the advantages and disadvantages of dinner dating. Then I leave it to you to form your own opinion.

Keep in mind that not all dinner groups are alike. The information below pertains to professionally run, licensed introduction agencies offering the table for six or eight concept.

Pros of Dinner Dating

Meet in person

Small group dinners will have you meeting other like-minded singles in person. You will have the opportunity to meet them face to face and get to know them a little in the group situation.

Relaxed, no pressure

Because there is often a group of six, three men and 3 women, the atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and social.

Type of people

Many members are well educated, socially adept and enjoy dining out. They are also single.

Safety - ID

You will be meeting in a public place with a group of people. Members have been qualified by supplying their ID. Their identification and age have been verified. All of your information is confidential and no information is shared without a member's permission.


The cost is often between $299 to $500 for membership. Not as expensive as the one on one introduction agencies. But enough to determine that members are interested and able to enjoy dining out at restaurants.

Enjoy dining at restaurants

Experience a range of restaurants in your area and also other cities if the group operates in multiple cities.

Social life organised

Members can expand their social circle to enhance their social life in between attending dinners. Because all members are single, dating is also high on the priority of members goals.

Exchanging of contact numbers

Follow up after the dinner will include asking if a member would like to request any contact numbers. This is followed through with the two parties involved.

Feedback encouraged

Feedback is requested and encouraged after each dinner from each member. This is the best way for the organisers to get to know you better.


Cons of Dinner Dating

Not every weekend

Don't expect to attend dinner every week. Because of the coordination of suitable groups you should expect to attend on average once a month.

Not matched in detail

If you only want to meet singles from a certain suburb, of a certain profession or physical appearance, this is not for you. Don't expect to meet singles in a very narrow age range. They will usually be within a 10 year age range, some younger, some older.

Need to persevere

Expecting to meet a partner at a first, second or third dinner is unrealistic. It does happen, but rarely. Members who have met a long term partner have often attended up to ten dinners.

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