She won't tell you this

By Margaret, 03 April, 2017.
She won't tell you this

You are not imagining it. Women don’t always tell you exactly what they want.

But that doesn't mean you have to stay in the dark.

There’s a logical way to shed some light on what women want when it comes to approaching, flirting, and getting a woman’s number.

[caption id="attachment_2355" align="aligncenter" width="300"]She won't tell you this She won't tell you this[/caption]

With a little help, you will know how to essentially read a woman’s mind in these crucial areas so you can know what she wants, without her actually saying it to you.

One of the things you should never expect a woman to tell you is when to approach her. She might tell you.  But if you expect it, you could be missing out on a a potentially great connection.

You can never expect a woman to say, “I'd like you to approach me now.”
Even if she really wants you to approach her, she is not likely to come over and let you know.
She doesn’t want to be approached by every man. Only the ones she feels comfortable around, if not attracted to. As long as you are relaxed, that’s important. Even if she isn’t attracted to you, or has a boyfriend, she’ll still feel flattered.

What is the best way to approach her and make sure it goes well?
The most important thing is you have the attitude of, “I’m just going to say “Hi”. With no huge expectations. Whatever happens is great.

If she responds negatively, there are 3 possible reasons.
1. She’s not as nice as she looks.
2. She’s having a bad night.
3. I came off wrong because I’m still learning how to approach well.

That’s it! No other reasons.  It’s definitely not “Oh, i guess I’m just very unattractive!”

None of those reasons is personal to you. They are either about her, or your skill level. And that is able to be improved.

You may have some room for improvement in the way you behave, the way you present yourself, but some of the reasons don’t have anything to do with you in particular. It is very important for your success that you don’t take rejections that have nothing to do with you personally.

Every second you spend worrying about them is a second you could invest in approaching another woman who wants to get to know you.

Don’t forget to smile at her!

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