Unleash Your Inner Romeo or Juliette

By Margaret, 19 September, 2022.

Create a Lasting Impression

Be considerate

Taking an interest in other people and their preferences and interests shows that you are not self-absorbed. This is a good way to get to know people and sends the message that you think enough of them to ask.

Good manners are always a winner

What a great idea it would be to ask us to send a "Thank you for your company at dinner. I enjoyed meeting you" message to someone you dined with. It shows good old fashioned manners and it is all part of our free of charge service to you.

Be sincere

Everybody needs a compliment or two to feel good about themselves occasionally. However, there is nothing worse than if it is false or insincere. Everyone appreciates a sincere compliment and if you do receive one, accept it graciously.

Be yourself

If you are outgoing and the life of the party, then show it but at the same time give others a chance to speak. If you are more reserved and a great listener, then show the other diners how receptive you are. Remember to make an effort to contribute though, so that members can get to know you.


Your mood and attitude will greatly influence your experience at dinner. If you go along expecting to enjoy the company of some interesting people, there is a good chance you will. Your enthusiasm will even rub off onto the other diners.

Good grooming and dress

Nothing markets you more than the image you present. Show your unique style and impress them.

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