Were you single in 2011? What you said back then

By Margaret, 29 December, 2020.
If you were single in 2011, you may have been a part of a survey we held at Christmas time that year.

Would you like to know what the responses were to questions about being Single at Christmas 2011?

I'm guessing that the answers haven't  changed in 2020. What do you think?


Being single during the Christmas period. When Christmas comes around, it seems to make a lot of us feel as though our lives don't fit the perfect family scenes we see depicted in the movies. We also notice that single men are more pro-active at this time of year about going out to our dinners and events to meet that someone special. 100% of our respondents said they don't enjoy being single at Christmas.

Do family and friends put pressure on you to bring a special someone to gatherings? Our family and friends are mostly relaxed about our singledom. 83.33% said that they are not made to feel bad if they come to parties and gatherings alone.

Blended family can cause issues of who has the children and where will Christmas dinner be? However, 82.75% said that it doesn't cause complications for them.

Do you love all the parties and meeting new people during this season? Some make the most of the party season and others can't wait for it to be over. There was a split in the answers here. 57.14% love partying and use it as a great opportunity to meet new people or catch up with old friends.

85.71% of respondents said they do feel more lonely at Christmas. I guess this is no surprise. Holidays give us more time to dwell on these subjects. But it's a good time to regroup and hatch a plan for next year.

There was a fairly even split between people who purposely keep themselves busy during this period and people who cruise along as normal. 56.18% ensure they have activities to keep themselves occupied.

Here's some very good news though. 85.71% said they are hoping to meet someone special during the Christmas period. That means a lot of people looking to meet someone just like you!

Our dinners recommence this Saturday 2nd January . We have a lot of new restaurants for you to enjoy.

Margaret Newitt
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