What does "War" have in common with successfully dating?

By Margaret, 03 February, 2014.
What does "War" have in common with successfully dating, meeting new friends and finding a relationship?
Very little it would seem at first! But while reading "The art of war" a book written over 2000 years ago, I could not help but think of how the strategies written by Sun Tzu could be applied today to have a plan for your life.
Tzu was an ancient Chinese warrior and philosopher and his books have been studied by soldiers and warlords in Asia for many centuries. In more recent times it has also been studied by business leaders and entrepreneurs. His basic message is "To win without fighting is best." He believed you could accomplish the most by doing the least. In other words, plan things out carefully, put things in place and there won't be so much to worry about along the way.

The first chapter of his book is devoted to strategy. It is described as "having a plan, method or series of manoeuvres...for obtaining a specific goal or result." History has shown that not every battle is won by the strongest opponent. A better strategy can defeat a larger army that has more men or better equipment.
To apply his wisdom in our modern world, we could translate this to mean that having a plan in place is the best strategy. One that is going to give us the best opportunity to meet the people we enjoy spending time with. Here's the formula to meeting a loving partner.

The very next chapter in "The art of war" is called "Doing battle". This is not to suggest you should have to go through a fight to accomplish your goal. It means you can't stay in your room doing all that planning and designing your strategy forever and expect your plan to come to you. There comes a day when it's time to take action.
"To be always intending to make a new and better life but never finding time to set about it is as....to put off eating and drinking and sleeping from one day to next until you're dead." ~Dr Robert Anthony
Planning, preparation and developing skills are important, but if you never take any action, it will all be wasted. Don't let your inner voice talk you out of moving out of your comfort zone.Let love in!

That's the time to remember your plan and strategies. Focus on what you are looking to achieve, know that you are on your way to your goals, and most importantly relax and enjoy yourself on your journey.
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