What if everyone was interesting and attractive?

By Margaret, 07 July, 2014.
I received an email today from one of our lovely members. She (let's name her Sally) has noticed how much I love to send inspiring messages to our members. My motivation in sending these messages, is that someone reading may hear something they needed to hear at that time. Something that could make a difference in their lives and their experience at our A Table for Six dinners. Sometimes, it's just a matter of timing and being open to getting a different result.

Sally was kind enough to share with me a short UTube video called "What if everyone was interesting and attractive" by English writer and life coach John-Paul Flintoff. In Sally's own words " This UTube movie is a wonderful reminder, I feel, that our biases affect the experience we have of the people we meet.  Before I left home for the dinner on Saturday evening I replayed 'What if everyone was interesting and attractive' to help me have uppermost in my mind that, in fact, that is true - each person you meet has wonderful things to share with you that you can enjoy and learn from, if your mindset is positive and open."

As Sally said, "You can have a great evening out and be ‘in the moment’ and fully present to each person – without necessarily leaping from that to decisions about ‘partner’. I think if people are willing to put such decisions and judgements to one side, they can enjoy your service more than if they arrive at the table out to assess everyone, don’t you think!"

Please take 15 minutes to listen to this video. Oh, and did Sally enjoy the dinner? Yes, and in fact everyone at the table has responded that they had a very enjoyable evening.


Margaret Newitt



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