What is the most common reason Singles join A Table for Six?

By Margaret, 12 April, 2013.
Ever wondered what is the top reason that attracts people to A Table for Six?

Every day we speak to people who find themselves single again perhaps after long relationships. They may have dabbled on the internet dating sites and taken themselves along to some large group singles events. Their well meaning friends and family may have organised blind dates for them. Often this leads them to search for a way of meeting other singles in a friendly, relaxed environment.
Yes, the top reason that people give is that they value meeting people who are prepared to show up in person. People who will spend a few hours contributing to a fun evening enjoying a delicious meal, a glass of wine and some great conversation. These are very different people than the ones who are only prepared to hide behind a profile on an internet site. The people who attend our dinners and events are people who are socially confident and looking for genuine friendships and genuine relationships.

We are all much more than a photo and a profile, and meeting people over dinner allows our fellow diners to get to know us on a different level.
The great restaurants we offer are another top reason that brings people along to our dinners. We continually update and change the restaurants we offer so you never tire of sampling Sydney's best value for money, best ambiance and best food. Come and meet some more of our fearless members.


Margaret Newitt



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