Why wait till the New Year to make a change for the better?

By Margaret, 11 November, 2013.
New Year is the traditional time for new resolutions. But sooner is always better when it comes to making changes for the better in your life. Why not start today?

There are still almost eight weeks left in this year. Just think of what you could achieve in eight weeks if you make the decision now.

There is no better time than now to make a change in your life and start creating what you want instead of settling for what you don't want. Would your (November) resolution be to get a better social life? Christmas could be very different if you start your resolutions now.

Five powerful secrets to success to make your resolutions a reality.

1. Make a list of your most important resolutions. Make sure they are a resolution, not just a wish. Wishes don't always come true. But a resolution will eventuate if it is followed through.

2. Check in on the list and recommit often. Keep your goals front of mind by reviewing your list.

3. Give yourself a reward when you make a milestone in your journey or when you achieve a resolution or take an important step along the way.

4. Reward and give gratitude to anyone who helps you along the way to achieving your goals.

5. Enjoy the journey and don't be hard on yourself if the destination looks a little different than you envisaged. I have found that very often when looking back on a situation where I was disappointed that something  didn't happen, I can see with hindsight that I was being looked after. There was something even better coming along very soon after.

My wish for you is that you accomplish what you set out to do and if that wish is to achieve a better social life, or to meet a new partner, we will be working hard to help you accomplish your mission.


Margaret Newitt


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