You're out of practise

By Margaret, 17 May, 2015.
Most of you love me, but every now and again one of you hate me.

It's true! Because I offer a service to singles, I am sometimes coming into contact with people who are at different stages in their lives when it comes to relationships. They've had a variety of experiences in their lives, and they are working through dealing with them.

It makes no difference; I'm still going to be someone who doesn't listen to the negativity. I'm not going to agree with you when you say that all the good ones are taken, or that everyone has too much baggage. Your mates/girlfriends might let you wallow in this line of thinking, but I won't allow you to.

All you will ever get from me is encouragement to step outside of your comfort zone. That comfort zone is your worst enemy, not me. I'm going to  encourage you to put on your best outfit, stand tall, get your attitude right and go out and wow some new people. You won't wow everyone, but that's ok and perfectly normal.

Don't worry if some people don't recognise your beautiful heart. They're not meant to be in your life right now. The one or ones who do see your authentic beauty are the ones who have also lifted their spirit to the realms where you now dwell.

Our dinners and events are simply a vessel for you to use to facilitate your growth and to expand your social circle. They are designed just for you to use to learn how it feels to be a single person in a mixed group again.

There's so much to learn when you've been out of the single scene for a long period of time. You're out of practise. You'll learn you're not the only one who feels way out of their depth. Those who are very honest with themselves will admit they are frightened of being hurt, taken advantage of, made to feel inadequate, not good enough or invisible.

We all know the real truth. It is inside of us. You just need to listen. Your inner guide will protect you from being hurt if you stay quiet for long enough to hear what it is telling you.

There's no better investment you can make than in yourself! So, if you want to change how your life is going around relationships, start investing your time, energy, focus and even some dollars to improve it.

Poor me, or there's no great men/ladies out there, or I don't have time, or I don't know where to go, just isn't acceptable anymore.

My focus is always on  what we can offer our members and the broader Singles community. The people I love to work with know there's only so much time on this planet, and consistent positive action every day is what will lead them to their dreams.

Come along and meet our amazing, pro-active singles who never let a set-back stop them from working towards their relationship dreams.

"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." ~William Arthur War

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