Are you doing your part to maximise your own happiness?

By Margaret, 27 May, 2013.
One thing I have noticed during the 11 years I have been lucky enough to offer events for singles, is that people want to be around, and, by the way fall in love with, happy people.

Have you ever met anyone who is physically very attractive and intelligent, but they are basically negative people. They are not happy with their work, their friends, their family or themselves.

Now think of someone you know who is fundamentally happy. They don't need everything to go their way to be happy. They love meeting people and most things in their life. I'm sure you would rather spend time with the happy person.

Are you doing your part to maximise your own happiness? Social psychologists have compiled a list of things that make people happy-expressing gratitude, cultivating optimism, practising acts of kindness, nurturing social relationships, developing strategies for coping, learning to forgive, savouring life's joys, committing to your goals, and taking care of your body.

Taking some time to nurture these qualities could be what makes you a lot more attractive to be around. Or it could just enhance your personal happiness. Either way, you win.

Blessings Margaret Newitt