Are your choices taking you closer to your relationship goals?

By Margaret, 06 September, 2012.
We all have limiting beliefs and fears that hold us back from achieving the outcomes we would like in our lives. We may not be aware, but they are holding us back and limiting our happiness. They have control of the driver's wheel taking us down the same old bumpy road filled with pot holes to the same dead-end. At the end of that road there's no love in sight!

But we do have a choice~ We can decide to grab and take control of the driver's wheel and steer our lives closer to the outcomes we would like.

Action steps

  1. Make a list of your relationship goals.

  2. Ask yourself " Are the choices I am making today taking me closer or further away from my goals?"

  3. Bring the fears, shame, and insecurities that are controlling your life out and shine some light on them. They won't seem nearly as powerful and may even seem a little silly!

  4. Take a firm hold of the steering wheel and let them know you are in control now and you will be protecting yourself and your future.

  5. Take one decisive action to prove you are in the driver's seat that sets you in the right direction.

  6. Speak with me about how you can achieve the new friends and life partner of your dreams. It will be life-altering and can begin as early as this weekend. If you decide to join Platinum Introductions, you will have the benefit of coaching along the way. You will be guided and given feedback after your dinner so that we can work together towards the outcome you desire. Make the highest choice for yourself today. Your new friends and partner are waiting for you.


Here, once again are some of the feedback replies we have received recently...

I wonder if it is possible for you to ask X if I could have her number please?  She seemed an absolute sweetheart.

I enjoyed meeting the men very much.  I had met X previously, he was very pleasant once again.  I particularly liked Y and would love to see him again.

All the men I've met at the two group dinners I've been to so far have been extremely polite and lovely to meet.  It makes me so happy to be out with other single people and realise that there are actually some nice men out there (that are single!)  Thank you so so much for providing this brilliant service:-)

Kindest regards
Regards Withheld

Hi Margaret
It was a great evening everyone got along well with lively and fun filled discussion.  I rate the evening as a 9.  The restaurant was great and would rate as an 8.
Would be happy to meet X for a coffee if she was interested.