Dating For Introverts

By Manny More, 06 May, 2023.


Dating may seem impossible at times, especially if you are not used to putting yourself out there. Someone who is introverted generally, finds comfort and gains energy from their own company. Being around someone they don’t know is very challenging. Not only that, but it is a lot of hard work and time to invest.


Do you tend to think about what other people think about you? As an introvert, you may not like to talk about yourself too much. This means there are many things your date won’t know about you. You may not find a meaningful connection between you and your date if you don’t have a flow in conversation. Understanding that coming up with a topic of conversation is difficult when you are unsure what the interests of your date are, you may want to take charge and come up with a topic that interests you instead. This way, your focus is on what you enjoy talking about instead of worrying about what your date thinks of you. Who knows, this may lead you to uncover similar interests.


Dates At Events Instead Of One-On-One Dinners

Forget hitting the bar or clubs to meet people if that’s not where you feel like you can be your natural self. Meeting new people that you can potentially get to know over time requires a certain sense of self-confidence. It’s easier to strike up a conversation when you are attending a group event, like the ones hosted by us here at A Table For Six. Dating events allow you to open up to someone without worrying about what you will do if you run out of things to say. Our events are great for discovering others who share similar interests with you.


There Will Be Multiple Opportunities

Finding love isn’t always like a fairy tale. While you may hate the superficial aspects of dating, you certainly can’t go through it without getting your heart broken a few times or breaking someone else’s. You might be used to internalising your thoughts and feelings as an introvert. But while dating you will learn to get better at communication with your partner. Even though this might seem difficult at first, you will get better at communicating with each person you date.


Date On Your Terms

Have you ever turned down a date because you weren’t comfortable with the suggested activity? If something does not spark your interest, how about suggesting an activity that you are comfortable with? Places like a park or a cafe have very warm environments to engage in deep and meaningful conversations. If your date doesn’t like that then they were most likely not the right person for you. You must remember disagreeing with someone does not make you a bad person. It is just as important to respect your feelings as it is to respect others. If you ever feel like you have agreed to something without considering how you felt about it, it is completely normal to let your date know that you have had second thoughts and would like to change the setting for your date.


Be Comfortable

If you hate wearing a dress and heels, forcing yourself into such an outfit is going to leave you feeling out of your comfort zone and more self-conscious. If on the other hand, you feel more comfortable wearing heels and a dress then by all means, go for it! The main point here is to be as comfortable as you can so you are focusing on your date rather than the feeling of being out of place.

Dating is difficult even in the simplest times. Justifying your introversion shouldn’t be the top concern of your relationship. Being with someone who accepts you for who you are is a love language of its own. So why not join us for a relaxing evening of meeting singles who are open-minded and very welcoming? Who knows, you may find someone who matches your interests!