Fabulous feedback received

By Margaret, 13 August, 2012.
I had a brilliant evening, thoroughly enjoyed it and didn't want the night to end!  My first group dinner, and I was so thrilled with all the lovely people I met.  My initial apprehension and nerves quickly went out the window. I've just been on such a high since the dinner:-)   I found the experience to be very uplifting.

Everyone likes to feel satisfaction in the work they do. For us, it is your feedback that gives us the satisfaction that we have created something worthwhile at the dinners you attend. Making a difference to people's life is a hugely rewarding accomplishment and one we strive for every week when putting the dinners together.

This week we have again had some 10 out of 10 ratings in the feedback from our dinners. The sample at the beginning of this article is an example which we received just this morning. She had a fantastic time.

Of course, we can do our best to put you together with other fabulous singles, but it is really up to you. So, congratulations for being such pro-active, positive people who make the most of the opportunity at dinners.

Here are some more examples of feedback received today.

I had a terrific time last night. I would say for overall enjoyment, 9/10. The meals at were fantastic, occasionally the music was slightly overpowering but I'd still rate the overall restaurant experience at 8/10.
My dinner companions were great! I wouldn't hesitate on sharing their company again.
Thank you!

Hi Margaret the restaurant was and 8 and so was the company.  Jolly good night had by all.

Hi Margaret,

As you know this was my first evening with a Table for Six.  The weather on Saturday was extremely wet and cold to say the lest and having dinner with such lovely people was worth venturing out.  My dinner companions were absolutely lovely and  I had a thoroughly wonderful time.  I would rate my overall enjoyment at 10 out 10.   The food and service  was very good.  The restaurant is in a wonderful location and would rate the restaurant 8 out of 10.  
Thank you very much for organising the night and I'm looking forward to my next dinner with Table for Six.