How to attract that elusive phone call

By Manny More, 01 June, 2023.

You’ve been on a few dates but you don’t seem to have anyone calling. You start to wonder if it’s something that you are doing wrong. Maybe it’s something you are not doing. If one could read minds, this confusion would be an easy problem to resolve. Unfortunately, that is not an option. However, you can employ some self-improvement and confidence-building techniques that can help you connect with your date better.

Avoid being someone you are not

Being true to yourself and showing your genuine personality is actually very attractive. It makes people around you realise that you are comfortable enough around them to let your guard down. If you have to put on a different personality for someone to like you, they are probably not the best match for you. Besides, if you pretend to be someone else on your first date, you will have to be that person all the time. Is that worth it?

Show self-confidence.

Confidence is a very powerful tool that draws people’s attention. Everyone is unique and has their own quirks. Making these qualities your own is what makes confidence. Don’t hide your passion from others because you are afraid they won’t appreciate them as much as you do. Being proud of your unique personality shows emotional and mental stability.







Be mindful of your appearance.

While physical appearance isn’t everything, putting effort into how you present yourself makes others feel like you care about them. Presenting yourself in a way that makes you feel confident can enhance your attractiveness. Dress in a way that reflects your personality and shows off who you are.


Show interest.

This is an important one to make a connection on a date. Being attentive and responsive during the date shows that you are genuinely interested. If you are constantly thinking about what they think about you or whether they are going to give you a callback, you will miss all the interesting things they are telling you about themselves. Approachability can make it easier for others to feel comfortable in expressing their interest in you.

Finally, while the dating world is sometimes confusing and may leave you questioning your choices, it is also very rewarding. Attraction takes time and can be subjective. Don’t rush the process, let it happen naturally. You may do everything perfectly but sometimes, it’s ok to accept that it’s just not meant to be.

Remember the goal is to attract people who are genuinely interested in you for who you are. Be true to yourself and the rest will come naturally.