How To Make Xmas The Perfect Time To Meet Someone Special

By Margaret, 09 December, 2019.
How To Make Xmas The Perfect Time To Meet Someone Special

Christmas can be the perfect time to meet your new best friend or partner. Our last dinners for the year are this weekend. So why not take the opportunity to contact someone you met at a dinner and exchanged number with? (Ask us to resend a contact request if you like)

You could contact them to wish them Merry Christmas and ask them if they would like to catch up over the Christmas/New year break. Everyone is so busy throughout the year, perhaps you just didn't get together because work or other commitments got in the way.

If you'd like to meet someone before Christmas, make a list but don't start with his/her looks, location or job. The truth is any man/woman -any height, any place, any job - can be the perfect partner if they express the qualities that you really want.

The things that speak to your heart and affect you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis… The things we often forget we want in a partner until we see an old couple holding hands and taking care of each other in such a loving way.

The dinners this weekend are the last ones until January next year. So, put up your hand to meet someone new before Christmas.

Margaret Newitt