Inspiring feedback from our members

By Margaret, 06 September, 2012.
A Table for Six is not a new idea. In fact, we have been operating for over 10 years. But the service we offer is even more relevant than when I started over 10 years ago. Meeting compatible singles has become even more tricky. And without A Table for Six, Singles find it difficult to meet in a relaxed, fun environment.

Here, once again are some of the feedback replies we have received recently...

Hi Margaret,

My rating of the restaurant is 8
My overall enjoyment of the evening is 9

We all enjoyed the meal and friendly company.

Also I appreciate the new level of professionalism you bring.

Regards Withheld


What can I say, Margaret?

The restaurant, having dined there on a number of previous occasions,
performed up to expectations.
The meals were tasty and well presented yet reasonable in pricing.
Service was excellent. I would be happy to award ? Restaurant a 9.87 on
this occasion!

Now we get to the better part. Although X and I were holding up the
male end of the equation, the ladies without exception were charming,
witty and good company generally. I am planning to have dinner with the
crew in some months time down the road.  The evening, overall was 9.98
(I am a tough marker and do not award perfect 10's)
Thank you for the evening, Margaret... you put a great mix together for
the night.