Life comes to you when you declare who you are and what you want!

By Margaret, 21 June, 2015.
Life comes to you when you declare who you are and what you want!

It's your energy that is continually letting life, the cosmic angels (and other singles) know what you want for yourself. They are continually scanning for hearts that are hungry, intense enthusiasm, a willingness to take bold risks, a brilliant shining light that shimmers with sincerity and boldness.

That's how it works! You need to be visible, turn up and make an audacious appearance to be found!

Life is continually picking up on the signals you are sending out.

If you'd love to meet a new amazing partner, or ramp up your single social life, boldly declare it to yourself and your friends. Then, in your everyday life, be your true self. Say what you believe, contact that old friend you've often thought about, wear that shirt/dress, dance as though no one's watching! Go along to that singles dinner. Do whatever it is that makes you feel authentically you and how you most want to feel. Let life (and that amazing single woman or man) know that you are here and this is exactly who you are.

Now life can find you. Instead of searching for you amidst the restraint and suppression. How can the cosmos find you amongst all the complaining, negative thoughts, unnecessary shopping, drinking and excuses?

Boldly declare you are a worthy person who deserves an extraordinary relationship and life. Then trust with certainty that the universe has recognised your valour. The cosmic angels are going to alert the universe once they notice you have claimed the life you desire. Once you boldly asked with an open heart for what you truly want. Once you speak up, all the helpful forces of the universe move into action to help you move closer to what you want.

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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