Love the one You're with

By Margaret, 01 September, 2014.
As a single person, it can be so easy to put yourself last. There are always the demands of work, your family obligations, and time with friends. And don’t forget those routine chores like housework and organising insurances etc.

It’s so easy to put yourself last. Did you take a resolution this year to nourish and make your needs a priority? There are still four months left to make it happen.

So ask yourself, “What are the moments when I feel the most nourished and truly my authentic self? If you take some time to really think about the answers, you could be surprised. They may be little things like taking the time to enjoy a cup of tea, playing a musical instrument you have neglected, or going for a run.

To love ourselves when times are challenging can be hard. It is natural to wish there was a special someone to care and to make our needs a priority. But once we realise that the clichés are true, we can stop waiting for someone else to make us feel loved and valued. It really does start with “Me”.

So why not cook yourself that special meal you love so much? Turn your home into an environment that nurtures and supports you. Light candles and play your favourite music.

And if you would love to enjoy dinner with other interesting singles who value themselves as well, come along and meet our members at A Table for Six.

A catchy phrase from an old pop song said, "Love the one you're with." Although you can journey outside yourself, the person to give your love to (and who, in return, must return that love), in truth, the one you are with every minute of the day, is yourself. The more rewarding way to find it is to go inward to the very source of love. If you do not do this, your love will depend on your mood swings, on how others see you and on the lovable and unlovable traits you see in yourself and others. By Deepak Chopra.


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