Nothing to lose and everything to gain

By Margaret, 22 September, 2014.
Before you attend our dinners, and also before you go out at anytime, give yourself a talking to. Remind yourself that you may meet the man/woman of your dreams. But, even if you don't, he/she may live next door to them. Or, you never know, he/she may invite you along to meet a group of their friends with lots of interesting singles. Someone at dinner may just inspire you to get involved with a hobby or interest you have been putting off for so long. They may inspire you to book that trip to Europe you have been dreaming of.

It's important to be pro-active in  going out to meet singles, but it's not possible to know how a partner may appear to you. The most important thing is to remember that even if you don't meet a partner at a particular dinner, it will lead to new, diverse, interesting experiences you would never have enjoyed and discovered if you hadn't attended.

The only difference between you today and a year from now are the people you know and what you have learned.”
― Ryan Blair


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