Reading body language in a romantic relationship

By Manny More, 12 June, 2023.

It could be challenging to get an understanding of how your date is going through conversation. Are they interested at all? Are you being too chatty? Do they want to leave? Questions like that could clutter up your mind and cause you to go into a whirlpool of anxiety. Let’s talk about reading someone’s body language to understand their feelings.

Eye Contact

Your eyes can never tell lies. When someone maintains eye contact during conversation it suggests interest and engagement. If you notice they are looking around, or looking down, they may not be interested in the topic you are discussing. Look for dilated pupils, this is a big sign for attraction. If you see that they are intently listening, you are doing something right.

Body Posture

At any instance when you find that your date is leaning towards you, it is a good sign that they are paying attention. Open body posture,  facing you directly and nodding are all good indicators of attentiveness. Look for these signs to get an understanding of what your date’s interests are.


Body contact is a big sign of comfort. It shows that your date feels comfortable around you and empathises with what you are saying. However, be mindful of personal boundaries. There is a fine line between showing comfort and being intrusive. A good way to check whether your date is comfortable with you is to see if they are leaning towards you during your conversation.

Not every date you are on will be successful, but it is worth noting their behaviour to understand how they feel. You could also employ some of these to convey your feelings without using your words.