What do Pro Athletes & Singles have in common?

By Manny More, 15 March, 2023.

What do Pro Athletes & Singles have in common?

March 15, 2023


If you were competing with a pro athlete in their discipline, do you think you would win? Probably not, but the reason could be simple.



Every professional athlete known to man dedicates their life to mastering their craft. What do they do to reach peak performance?

It’s all in the mind

You may have noticed track runners before every race at the start line. Their eyes are focused on the end goal. They practice their take-off, they visualise themselves running with the best time on the clock. They are manifesting a win. Without even starting the race they have put themselves in a position where they have won!

This strategy could also be used by singles out in the world in the search for the perfect soul mate. As singles, we could put ourselves in a “winning position” before attending any singles events by visualising ourselves having a good time. Practising our speech in front of the mirror is a very simple method for understanding how others perceive our demeanour.


Try Practicing

Visualise how you want to be seen at a singles event and practice your behaviour at home before you head out. Practice smiling and speaking with others. Picture yourself in a conversation and notice how your posture is speaking for you. What are your hands doing? Are you paying attention?

These little details are a big indicator of how you are perceived. You don’t have to be the person that everyone wants to be around. You just have to be the person having the best time and everyone you interact with will feed off your energy.

Try these techniques out and let us know how your experience is different.