What your behaviour at the table says about you.

By Manny More, 16 May, 2023.

Attending a group dinner feels different for everyone based on their personalities. Some come in with confident and loud energy while others prefer to stay reserved and let others take control of the table. We encourage you to let your personality shine at the table but, what do others think of your behaviour at the table?

The Loudmouth

Restaurants can be a loud environment to have conversations. However, when the people 3 tables down from you are reacting to your conversation, you may need to adjust your volume at the table. Being loud disturbs other guests and makes the experience very unpleasant for the attendees.  It is completely ok to bring your energy to the table and let everyone hear and see you. But remember, being loud isn’t the only way to be noticed at the dinner.

The Entitled

Some take the term “first impressions count” too seriously and like to flaunt their status to let everyone know that they are dignified. Nothing wrong with showing what you have got, but it may come off as arrogant.

While you may disagree with someone else's opinion, it is considered rude to dismiss their feelings. Expecting everyone else to cater to your needs and wants without consideration is not the best way to look for a long-term partner.

The Mouse

It is perfectly normal to feel shy or timid at a dinner party, especially if you are not familiar with the people or if you are an introverted personality. However, it is very hard to read someone who doesn’t reciprocate during a conversation. It may even come across as rude. It is very easy to sit back and let others take control of the table. You must remember that in order for others to get to know you, you must engage in conversations, ask questions and respond with follow-ups. This not only helps you familiarise yourself with others but also, lets other know that you are genuinely interested in them.

The Over-communicator

Giving others a chance to learn about your background by telling them a little about yourself is completely ok for the first date. However, oversharing personal details, or talking about private topics is best left for when you have been on at least a few dates. Often, open communication is confused with oversharing. When you meet a new person, a few details about your life like your occupation, your hobbies, or your interests is enough to give them a small insight into your life. It is not a good idea to let them know about what happened between you and your ex-partner. What you may consider an open conversation, some may perceive as over-sharing. Keep it simple and let the conversation build on its own.