Why Is A Table For Six so Popular?

By Margaret, 12 November, 2023.

With so many singles choosing A Table for Six, there are lots of new members for you to meet at dinners. Why is A Table for Six so popular?

Your referrals are probably the best way of getting the word out. Plus, whenever you refer anybody who joins, you receive your next booking free.
Personal approach. We ask for feedback after each dinner. You are also encouraged to request contact numbers of the people you met at dinner. We will pass on the request and the replly back to you.
It's a night out with friends you haven't met yet. No pressure, no sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. Just leave all the details to us.
Twelve month membership means you can date that fabulous person you met at dinner, but if it doesn't work out, you can return to attending dinners without paying membership again.
Great feedback. Here's some from last weekend..."I had a great time, met wonderful people, wonderful meal with good conversation and a few laughs. Thank you cannot wait for the next one." M
"Another great day on Saturday. Love to meet all of them another time. Ladies all lovely. the guys were great too." C
"Thanks for organising another successful evening. It's a fun way of meeting new people." J

Keep spreading the word.