Will your Jill/John be at your next A Table for Six?

By Margaret, 01 July, 2013.
Here's one of my favourite success stories. About 12 months ago we met a new member. Her name is Jill. Jill had spent 20 years in a happy marriage with Sandy until he passed away suddenly and 3 years in a relationship that went nowhere. In early 2010 she contacted us and said she was ready to go out and meet single people for friendship and ultimately she would love to meet a new partner.

We explained to Jill that it's not always easy and that her success would depend more on her attitude and being prepared to stick with it than anything else. This is the same thing we advise everyone. It will depend on you, not us. The people who are expecting a miracle and Mr or Ms perfect to arrive at their first dinner are usually in the same position 12 months later.

We suggested that Jill update her hairstyle a little before she started going out to our dinners and meeting people. We were very happy to know that Jill had done just that and invested in a few new items for her wardrobe. Jill did as we suggested and persevered with going out to our dinners and events. Even when she didn't meet anyone she considered would be close to a potential partner and was feeling a little down. We told her it is natural and to persevere. We told her if she quits now she could be passing up the chance to meet someone she could have a great relationship with.

Then she met John. John was smart, funny and very interested in Jill. He did all the right things like asking for her number, following up promptly. He took her out Saturday and he took her out Sunday. He called her every day and showed consideration in all his interactions with Jill and her family.

Neither Jill or John are attending our dinners now. We're pretty sure they won't be again. Jill could have ignored our prompting to persist. She could have become disillusioned. She could have judged John for being too short or living the other side of the city. But she didn't and now she has a partner who makes her very happy and compliments her life.

Take a tip from Jill and make the time to attend some of our dinners . Your John could be at the next one.


Margaret Newitt


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