You had me at Hello

By Margaret, 22 October, 2018.
If you asked your friends who are married or in long term successful relationships if they were immediately attracted to their partner, what would they say?
Some would say “Yes, they had me at hello.”

But, there’s a good chance they would tell you that there was no immediate attraction.

When I have spoken to people who are married or in long term successful relationships, they have mostly said they didn’t like the other that much when they first met. But as they spent time with them, they became an acquired taste.
If a partner behaves in a way that makes you feel good, they will begin to look attractive to you. As you get to know them and appreciate their positive qualities, they will look more and more attractive. A partner who doesn’t initially make your heart skip a beat, can end up making you very happy happy and contented!
Some qualities you can only discover as you spend time with someone, such as kindness, generosity, and humour. They understand the things that are important and really matter; calling you when they said they would, being understanding when you are tired or busy, being faithful.

Granted, there needs to be at least a little bit of physical attraction. But even if it is a tiny bit, it can grow into something huge.

So don’t watch too many of those romantic movies where the hero or heroine has perfect skin and teeth. That isn’t what will make you happy. You can find happiness in an unexpected package. Just allow the package an opportunity to reveal it’s hidden gifts.

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