Coronavirus Resolution: Keep smiling

By Margaret, 25 March, 2020.
I hope you are well.

We are unable to offer our dinners due to the restrictions by government in relation to Coronavirus. A reminder that all current memberships will be extended by the period of time that  these restrictions are in place.We will all certainly be eager to go out once they are lifted. And our dinners will be there for you to attend.

I have every confidence that as long as we pull together, we will make it through these challenging times. The stronger we are in our mental, emotional and physical health, the healthier we will stay. That's important so we can be supportive to our families, friends, coworkers and our greater community.

This is a time for humanity, creativity, connection - and yes, even humour.

Do you know what research has proven to reduce stress and improve your immune system? It's laughter!

This Dad learning his daughter's dance will put a smile on your face

Doctors and nurses dancing in Tehran

Watch this home workout, you'll love it

If you are looking for some feel-good accounts to follow, here are a couple. The first one is Australian and the second one is international.

Good News ABC News

Tanks Good News

Stay well and stay connected.

Margaret Newitt
A Table for Six

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