Do men like strong women?

By Margaret, 06 February, 2012.
Most of our male members that I speak with, say that they like a woman who is capable, smart and has interests of her own. They like a woman who has her own life, her own friends, hobbies and things they love to do.

They like the idea of having a partner who will bring her own special talents into his life and enrich it. Someone who is a happy person on her own, but will be even happier once sharing her life with her special man.

For most men, the thought of a woman who is helpless and always needing him to rescue her is not appealing.

And yet, it is the nature of a man to want to feel they can provide for and protect their female partner.  A man’s instincts are to want to feel that their ability is causing their lives to go in the right direction.

But how do these instincts inherited from our ancestors work in our society today? I think that successful couples are aware of what is playing out and manage the situation. It is not a matter of the lady acting helpless, or that he is the boss. Smart women understand their man’s need and reassure their man that he is valued and his strengths are crucial to the well being of the couple.

As with most issues in relationships, consideration of a partner’s feelings will get the best results.


Margaret Newitt


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